Upcoming Network Maintenance (Sat. Nov 10th, Mon. Nov 12, Wed. Nov 14th)

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10/11/2012 από

The OSL’s network provider is preparing to upgrade a core router. This is a large upgrade, but they have devised a plan to limit impact to us. All network outages should be short (5-10Min), but there will be a few of them. The first will be Saturday Nov. 10th at 10PM PST (0600 UTC). This will be a single outage to setup the new core. Following this, there will be scheduled move windows for individual sets of servers. This will impact us 4 times (we have a few servers). The first will have an “impact window” of Monday Nov. 12th 5PM PST (0100 UTC) and the window will stretch for an hour and a half. Each individual server port move should take less than 10Min, so this is certainly not a downtime window, but the network will be unstable during this period as servers are moved. We will have a similar window at 8PM PST (0400 UTC) on the same day.

The next outage window that will directly impact us will be Wed. Nov 14th from 8-11PM PST (0400-0700 UTC). Again, this shouldn’t be considered a downtime, there will just be some network instability during this period. The last window is Friday Nov 16th from 8-9:30PM (0400-0530 UTC). This window includes two of our servers, but more importantly includes several important central services. This last window may have more impact than the proceeding ones. We plan to work with our provider to reduce impact.

This upgrade is quite exciting for us and we hope it goes smoothly. The following is a brief summary of the windows:

11/10 at 10PM PST (0600 UTC): Cut NERO connection to OSU 5k’s; 5 minute outage
11/12 at 5-6:30pm PST (0100-0230 UTC): Move ports from old 10/100 card to OSL 2K switch
11/12 at 8-9:30pm PST (0400-0530 UTC): Move ports from line card #3 to new router
11/14 at 8-11pm PST (0400-0700 UTC): Move ports from line card #4 & #8 to new router
11/16 at 8-9:30pm PST (0400-0530 UTC): Move ports from line card #7 to new router
TBA: Cut NERO connection to OSU 7k’s with port channels; 5 minute outage


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